Important Dates

Fall 2017

  • August 25th @ 4:30pm- Demonstration ride for returning members
  • August 30th @ 2-6pm- Activities Fair in the Student Union Building
  • August 31st @ 8:00pm- New Member Meeting in MG 2090
  • September 5th and 6th @ 5:30pm- New Member Evaluations and Orientation at the farm
  • September 7th @ 5-9pm- Registration in VH1304
  • September 12th @ 5:30pm- Demonstration ride for returning and new members
  • September 14th @ 8:30pm- All Team Meeting (TSU Stock Show/SIUC Hunt Show meeting)
  • September 16th @ 12pm- Mock Show for new showing members
  • September 23rd and 24th- TSU Stock Show
  • September 30th and October 1st- SIUC Hunt Show
  • October 5th @ 8:30pm- All Team Meeting (TSU Hunt Show/BHE Stock show meeting)
  • October 7th and 8th- TSU Hunt Show
  • October 28th and 29th- BHE Stock Show
  • November 2nd @ 8:30pm- All Team Meeting (MSU Hunt Show/BHE Stock Show meeting)
  • November 11th and 12th- MSU Hunt Show
  • November 18th and 19th- BHE Stock Show
  • December 7th @ 8:30pm- Executive Board Elections
  • December 13th @ TBD- End of the Year Party