Our Riders

Members of the Truman State University Equestrian Team come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels. We have riders compete whose first time on a horse was evaluations, and we have riders who have distinguished A-circuit show careers.

At home, many of our riders ride disciplines and seats other than what IHSA offers. Our Equestrian Team has dressage riders, eventing riders, hunters, jumpers, reiners, western pleasure riders, saddle seat riders, and more.

While the team spends the year together practicing at the University Farm, the team spends the summer season in different ways.  We have had students earn internships at racehorse breeding facilities in Kentucky and the William H. Miner Institute in Chazy, New York. Some of our riders work at riding summer camps, and others spend their summers showing their private horses.  Many of our members study abroad and find horses to ride in other countries.

Many of the riders on our team are agricultural science majors; however, our riders have a broad range of academic interests, majors, and minors.  Are riders are working toward a wide variety of degrees: English, history, biology, chemistry, business, economics, communications, and more.  Some of our members have even conducted formal research projects with the horses at the University Farm.