Alumni Herd


Average Joe

AJ (Average Joe) is a 1992, chestnut thoroughbred gelding. AJ makes up for his bouncy trot with his fantastic flying changes. AJ is now retired to Kate Heisler Gawriluk at Irish Fox Farms in Wentzville, Missouri.


Jus A Pretty Buff

Buffy (Jus a Pretty Buff) is a 1993, palomino quarter horse mare. Older now, Buffy spent most of her time at Truman getting fat in the pasture but would still give out good rides when asked. Buffy is now retired to former Ahlea Bruner in Macon, Missouri.



Doc (Dans Amarillo Doc) is a 1994, chestnut quarter horse gelding. Doc was a valued horse of the equestrian team. He still comes back out of retirement to help with the Truman Stock Show. Doc is retired to the Nelson family in Kirksville, Missouri.


Dance With Me

Fatima (Dance with Me) is a 1994, grey anglo-aran mare. Fatima is best known for her washing-machine canter teaching riders to loosen their hips. She is now owned by Heather and Caitlin Ervin and resides in Kirksville.


Goldie (Miss Kentucky Gold) is a 1997, bay thoroughbred mare. She is thought of as a delicate flower because of her extreme dislike of cows. Goldie has taught many riders to be quiet with their seat. With automatic flying changes, Goldie is a great hunt horse as long as you keep your leg on!



Guinness (Poco Bonita Monkey) is a 1993 bay quarter horse mare. She was a broodmare on the farm for several years. Guinness was retired to Tammy Cody.


Julius (Hurricane Julius) is a 2002, bay quarter horse gelding born at the University Farm.  Julius has been retired to Kylee Short-Edwards of Kylee Short Horsemanship in Afton, Iowa. He continues to excel at giving English and Western lessons to riders in his retirement and is a trail riding favorite. 


Kenevil 2

Kenevil (Ibn Niaire) is a 1994 chestnut gelding born at the University Farm. Comfortable and virtually unflappable, Kenveil inspired confidence in even the most beginner riders. He now lives with Kylee Short in Iowa and spends his free time hanging out with Julius.



Broodmare Monkey (Little Monkey Face), was a 1983 chestnut quarter horse mare. She passed away peacefully last spring at age of 31 and had 18 offsprings.



Mouse (Tanyas Playboy) is a 1993, bay quarter horse stallion. He was a sire of Truman’s riding herd. His offspring run the spectrum in terms of talents and personalities, but they are all very sweet and great school horses! Father of current stars Flick, Julius, Champ, Sneaks, King, and Nova (three sets of full siblings). Mouse is retired to Nicole Reindl in Central Indiana.


Hustlin Babes Pierre

Pierre (Hustlin Babes) is a 1995, chestnut quarter horse gelding. He was our old broke quarter horse but very solid. Pierre has taught countess Truman students and JBA children how to ride. He is often known to untie himself after a long day of showing. Pierre now resides with the Darling Family in Kirksville, Missouri.


Rennue Quick

Quick (Rennue Quick) is a 1994, chestnut thoroughbred gelding. A little feisty at times, Quick was great at teaching riders to be quiet. Quick is retired to Kate Heisler Gawriluk to Irish Fox Farms in Wentzville, Missouri.


Blackburn's Red Eagle

Red (Blackburns Red Eagle) is a 2007, chestnut quarter horse gelding born at the University Farm. Red disliked horsemanship patterns, but loved games and speed events. Red is now retired to Anna Lotts in Minnesota.


Reno (Bootsies Reno) is a 2008, bay quarter horse mare. She was a broodmare at the University Farm and also went through training class for two years. She was sold to Tyler Rodman and works at a feed yard in Nebraska now!



Sonny is a chestnut gelding who was once apart of our riding herd at Truman. He now resides with Whitney Nunan in New London, Missouri.



Squirt (left) is a 1996, chestnut sabino paint horse gelding and Josie (right) is a 1993, chestnut quarter horse mare. Both Squirt (Bonitas Poco Dell) and Josie (Highjacker Sorrel) live in Colorado going on trail rides and continue to teach beginners how to ride. Squirt and Josie are retired to Samantha McKinley in Colorado.