Retired Herd


Champ (Hanging Copper Champ) is a saint. Fat and a treat-lover, but a saint nonetheless. Champ is great for both beginner and advanced riders; this horse would carry you over just about anything. Champ is enjoying his life with the herd as a retired companion.


Dublin (Dublin San Leo) is a big quarter horse with one of the bounciest trots on the farm. He is a favorite among our team members and makes a great trail companion. Dublin is having a great time living the retired life. 


Gypsy (JM Red Popper) is our resident “sea cow”. Originally used as a western horse, Gypsy has a huge stride and jumps big. She is also one of the smoothest horses at the farm. After an injury, Gypsy has been living in the pasture and loving every minute of it. 


Lucy (TSU AllTheRightMoves) is a 2013, bay tobiano paint horse mare born at the University Farm. Lucy was used in training classes for several years and now lives with the herd in their big pasture.